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Cladding Profiles


Standing Seam

Standing seam is the most traditional profile of the architectural cladding range. With a sleek 25mm upstand rib this profile has been used in European traditional roofing for centuries. Standing Seam is both suitable for roofing and wall cladding applications. With a 25mm rib height and various panel widths ranging from 180mm – 530mm  Standing Seam is another huge favourite with architectural lovers because of its ability to make complex designs and curvatures possible. General build up for Standing seam is plywood , sarking, Panels. Standing seam can be install both vertically and horizontally

Standing Seam 3D
Standing Seam

Interlocking Panel

Interlocking panels are an elegant and smooth with very clean lines. Interlocking profile is very common among modern architectural designed homes with a flat crisp face and dramatic express joints to create the desired effect. Interlocking panels have variable widths between 100mm to 400mm with a bold 25mm deep negative joint between panels varying in width with either a 10mm or 15mm shadow line. General build up for Interlocking panels is top hats, sarking than panels. Panels can be installed both horizontally or vertically.

Interlocking panel 3D
Interlocking panel
patinins lane.PNG

Cassette panel

Cassette panels are similar to the interlocking profile but are for larger wider panels. Cassette panels are used for panels larger than 400mm wide with a thicker material used to prevent deflection. Cassette panels have a negative joint depth of 25mm deep and have a width of either 15 or 20mm depending on preference. General build up for cassette panels is top hats, sarking than panels. Panels can be installed both horizontally or vertically.

Cassette Panel final.png
cassette panel

Recess Flat Lock

Recess flat Lock panels create a flat clean elegant narrow Look, the panel profile is not as large as the other profiles making it an excellent choice in tight areas. Panel face widths vary between 150mm and 530mm. The recess in the profile is a subtle 7mm deep and an approximately 15mm wide. The panel can be made in a vast number of widths, lengths and curvatures. Recess flat lock is a common profile made tapered for complex designs that generally pivot on a radius. General build up for Recess Flat lock is Plywood, sarking, 7mm plywood for support and panels. Recess Flat lock can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

recess flat lock 3D
Flat Lock Panel


Shingle provides the ultimate “wow factor” on any project. Sharing the same
profile design as Flatlock, Shingle panels are folded into interconnecting tile like shapes, commonly creating scale or diamond patterns.

shingles 3D.png
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